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Black Book Rankings
Black Book Rankings
In order to understand how an organization or business is performing, it is necessary to consider its position in relation to other organizations in its industry. At Brown-Wilson Group we can help identify the critical factors that impact customer satisfaction. Our studies can determine the key drivers of customer satisfaction and their importance on a regional, national or international level. Areas of strength and weakness for each company are identified including attitudes, customer experiences and behavioral characteristics, and perceived images. Once these organizational traits are identified, valuable comparisons can be made with other competitors in the market.

Listen to the voices of your Customers and Clients, find out what your competitors are doing, analyze the competitive landscape, discover and quantify new market opportunities. Brown-Wilson Group’s market research practices can help you identify and capture strategic market growth opportunities to support a go-to-market strategy.

Brown-Wilson Group provides strategic market research and competitive intelligence services focused primarily on business-to-business and technology markets. We excel at difficult custom quantitative research requiring access to senior decision makers and high-level strategic analysis. Our capabilities include sophisticated analytics for quantitative studies and insightful strategic analysis for qualitative research.

Brown-Wilson Group market research provides actionable market intelligence, strategic intelligence, competitive intelligence and client/customer experience intelligence to leading companies worldwide. We have extensive access to market information and established contacts with decision makers in the international marketplace  that we bring to all our projects.

Our clients range from rapidly growing start-up's to blue-chip Fortune 500 companies.

Our market research and competitive intelligence covers  81 countries and we deliver over two hundred market research projects every year.



Strategic Intelligence

Alongside far-reaching strategic decisions, businesses must continue to improve the efficiency   and competitiveness of their existing operations. Understanding the multiple leverages that can help improve your business’s topand bottom line is critical to future growth and success.

Global markets, competition, and consumer bases require that businesses evaluate their core skills and extend their market reach through partnerships and the outsourcing of non-core activities.



Brown-Wilson Group Vendor Rankings

Through a robust methodology, we rank and qualify companies in order to match your unique requirements. Be it a supply, distribution, product development, licensing, marketing or technology relationship, you can count on Brown-Wilson Group to provide you with the right partner with the latest customer satisfaction measures and client experience key performance indicators.

Merger and Acquisition Support

Whether your business wishes to acquire, be acquired or merge with another business, Brown-Wilson Group has developed considerable expertise by helping its clients find and evaluate potential prospects.

Our substantial ongoing market intelligence enables us to continuously deliver the right information and contacts for firms looking for such opportunities on both the 'Buy and Sell' side.



Competitive Analysis

Identifying customer expectations that impact satisfaction such as product quality, price, customer experience, and level of technical support can result in new marketing strategies and tactics to capitalize on organizational strengths and improve standing in the market. Data from our studies can provide the tools necessary to leverage information into a blueprint for success, resulting in direct action that improves satisfaction levels of your customers.